Croswell, Michigan (MI)

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Area Code: 810
Prefix (NXX): 378
Calling outside U.S.: +18103783863
City: Croswell
County: Sanilac
State: Michigan
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Ameritech Michigan

810-378-3863 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Ameritech Michigan and is located in the city of Croswell, Michigan. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 8103783863.

Comments for 8103783863

#1 Telemarketer

Called again. left same message as on 24 Sept.

#2 Other

When I read your post I realized that what I thought was smart (listening long enough to know what number to hit to opt out) is the most likely reason I get more & more robo calls lately.  Arghh!  Not likely to invest money & time into your method but I'll let many more calls go to voice mail from now on.  Thanks for posting!

#3 Unknown

Geez, what a pesty caller with these constant multiple calls. I was so happy to find a way to stop these calls that I want to pass this on; 866-246-7196. All you have to do is give the caller's phone number to verify it's a phone number that they provide the do not call request service for and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call request list. You need to allow 1-2 business days for this process to complete.

#4 Telemarketer

This is a MedicAlert/LifeAlert scam robocall that launches immediately after you pick up the line. Caller ID says SURVEY.

I just added the number 810-378-3863 to my call blocker. I use a laptop with an external 56k usb modem [HiRO model H50113] and CallClerk (callclerk.com) answering machine/call blocking software. It does not have a 30 number, 50 number, or even a 100 number limit. I can use a whitelist which means that only calls I designate on the whitelist will ring through. All others are intercepted by the computer and a custom message or even a raucous all circuits are busy message and then the telco style fast busy. Or I can individually blacklist/block numbers as they come in, or I can manually add them in ahead of time from the keyboard. I love it.

No I am not the owner or employee. I am a satisfied user.

#5 Other

hi, thanks y'all to the other posts, add 215-267-1279 as do not answer - a waste of your time!  Take care!

#6 Telemarketer

Called and left message. They started talking before the answering machine started recording ".....reach with a single press of a button 24 hours a day. For your health, safety and piece of mind get your free medical alert system, if you act  now, by pressing 1.  Press 5 to be remove, but to be protected 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, Press 1 now."

This is a new number and CID. But same old medical alert scam.

#7 Other

calls from the number. won't leave message.

#8 Other

Telemaggoter Log: September 25, 2014   11:04 AM Eastern

This operation called here displaying V followed by the date,time and other numbers. I realize these bogus operations are using these medical alert systems in order to gain friends since they lead empty lives. But I am doing just fine without them.

#9 Other

no message

#10 Other

I see the call on my i.d.  But my phone never rings.  They call nearly everyday (among others).  My phone system blocks the call.  Best $ investment I ever made.

#11 Telemarketer

I'd:10-1-143:45 survey 18103783863  (med security).     On 9-6-14  peck m I  18103783863  same message

#12 Other

another call today

#13 Other

810-378-3863 2:49 9/26/2014 This is a fake Life Alert survey call. Life Alert does not use robo calls. They are trying to scam the elderly. Help yourself by blocking these robo calls!

* *
   I research a harassment/scam caller then post this msg every time a robo number calls.  NEVER press X to opt out, or respond,  because it just adds your name to multiple robo calling lists.
* *
   The federal no-call list is a joke - the government does nothing.  The phone company wants the money from robo companies and will do nothing to stop the harassment/robo calls.  Local police do not have the manpower or technology to track/block these calls. Most robo callers are criminals/scammers.  Here is a one-time relatively low cost way to beat those harassment/robo calls.
* *
  I have now defeated >90% of harassment and robo calls.  I went on-line to Amazon and purchased an in-line "CPR CALLBLOCKER"!  It has an inventory of up to 1200 numbers in your call blocker list.  Be careful in setting up the list or you get unexpected blockages of valid incoming calls. Start by blocking all calls using caller ID’s of UNAVAILABLE, PRIVATE, or WITHHELD.   I have also blocked many robo area codes which have no friends or family - 212, 231, 305, 307, 312, 321, 347, 360, 401, 516, 518, 630, 650, 708, 740, 773, 810, and 970.  To block robo calls from area codes with friends and family, DO NOT block the area code, use ONLY complete (area code with phone number) 10 digit number inputs to the blocking list.  Add to the list when a new robo/harassment caller gets through!  Never use 7 digit inputs to the blocking list or you will have problems!  Keep a complete written list of area codes and individual blocking numbers.  A small glitch when entering a number into the list can mess up your entire blocking list requiring a hardware reset and complete reprogramming of the list.
* *
   Harassment/robo callers frequently use a spoofing APP to create phony incoming caller ID’s on your phone. Hidden characters in a spoofer Caller ID’s number can sneak the robo call past some blockers.  I use a separate secondary SENTRY BLOCKER that ignores hidden characters and blocks the call when it’s on.
* *
   There are many brands of call blockers other than the ones I have described.  Choose yours and BLOCK THOSE HARASSMENT CALLS!!!!!
* *
   It is really great fun watching my call blocker light-up and then hang-up when the harassment/robo Caller ID matches the blocking list!!!  I especially enjoy it when the call blocker hangs up on a persistent harassment caller!!!  Take back your telephone from harassment/robo callers!!!!

May – 37 harassment calls
Jun– 31 harassment calls –purchased call blocker
Installed blocker!
Jul– 26 harassment calls with 7 auto blocked.
Aug– 35 harassment calls with 23 auto blocked and 12 new numbers added to blocker list
Sep– 32 harassment calls with 23 auto blocked and 8 new numbers added to blocker list.  1 call got past blocker list. (History current as of 25 Sep)

#14 Other

Telemaggoter Log: September 30, 2014   5:34 PM Eastern

When the phone rang this is alleged number appeared. It would seem this is another one of those too good to be true medical alert offers. Unfortunately for them I ignore the calls. I sure hope that doesn't ruin their day and have them running out of their out house in tears.
When comes down to it, I have to look at these bogus calls in humor. Getting angry doesn't get anyone very far.

#15 Other

I just picked up phone and hung up.  way too many of these scam calls. about 10 or more in the last week of different numbers..............blocked all after deleting 10 as my call block only holds 30.

#16 Other


ID as survey
No idea what this number/caller wants.

#17 Telemarketer

I started letting my granddaughter answer the phone when there is a telemarketer.  Usually the last I hear from them.  Sometimes I'll just answer the phone and let it lie there unattended.  They soon hang up with that too. Just depends on the frame of mind I'm in that day.  

#18 Other

Bogus Medic Alert scamming scumbags!

#19 Other


#20 Other

Got a call this afternoon.  Caller id said "Survey".  I did not answer.  I'm positive it's another one of those scam calls.  I blocked them.

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The DNC list don't work but why the 'hey' don't the Consumer Protection clowns and the FCC get more involved. Seems to me if they put the telephone carriers on notice to police their own industry maybe the people who benefit from the phone line fees or loss of same would go to work.

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I called it back and got a recording if I wanted to be removed from this # press 1 . did and also blocked that phone number.

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