Trenton, Michigan (MI)

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Area Code: 734
Prefix (NXX): 363
Calling outside U.S.: +17343634088
City: Trenton
County: Wayne
State: Michigan
Usage: Wireless
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Sprint Spectrum L.p.

734-363-4088 is a Wireless phone number operated by the company named Sprint Spectrum L.p. and is located in the city of Trenton, Michigan. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 7343634088.

Comments for 7343634088

#1 Other

WILL NOT STOP CALLING! Keeps texting me "Hey" and "I like you". I don't know this person. They call at 1:00 AM and around 11:00 PM at night.

#2 Prank

calls at 2am, she lives in Trenton Mi, by Jefferson and West rd. somewhere, has anyone thought of calling it all day long while she is sleeping?

#3 Other

This lunatic keeps calling me too.

#4 Other

Called a grand total of twelve times last night with an additional thirteen text messages. I'm assuming her friend from the number (707) 685-8554 called three times and sent nine texts. Lots of fun.

#5 Other

I told her I would call the cops if she calls again.  She called me once more after that and I told her I was going to the police and she hasn't called again.

#6 Other

Same with me. She/he asked me out and has Bennett calling me for the past two to three months and it's really annoying

#7 Other

maked it stop I blocked her

#8 Other

Keeps calling me and really annoyed by it

#9 Prank

This person has been calling me or the past two or three months ans is texting me saying send me pic u now or I love u or call me. This person has called me so much he or she made me go over my phone minutes by 117 minutes. This person is still calling me till this day and has called me 96 times tonite and has texted me 124 times tonite, I've told it I'm calling the police and it says '' no'' ''no'' ''no'' or ''please?'' And I hang up. After I hang up it calls me another 40 or 60 times ans texts me another 70 or 100 times saying call me I like u or  I love u. I hate it

#10 Other

A woman has been calling repeatedly from this number today. I blocked the number and then didn't receive any calls until 9:30 pm, at which point she called from the other number listed above (685-8584, I believe). I told her very sternly that if she calls again I will contact the police, and then I hung up the phone. So far she hasn't called back. I'll wait a few hours and then block the second number, as well. Has anyone had a problem with her coming to their home? I'll make sure my doors are locked and my German Shepherd is on high alert.

#11 Prank

keeps calling at ungodly times of night and day. close to 100 calls past 2 days

#12 Other

this girl is non stop calling me &I don't know what to do

#13 Other

This person keeps calling/ texting me. Text messages: "I like you" "Can I call you at 9:00" "Talk to me"
Phone calls: "Hi" over and over again.
This person keeps calling and won't stop. I don't have time for these immature games.

#14 Other

Completely  irrational calls at all times of the night

#15 Other

I answered this call, she said "Hi", when I responded "How can I help you?" she hung up.

#16 Prank

Keeps calling my phone n i dont know whoever they r n its geting very irratating im about to snap

#17 Prank

Wow I thought I was the only 1 dealing with this bs with her until I came on here... I personally think she's a child, but I'm getting sick of it... She calls all times of the day until I finally blocked her call, she's very disrespectful & has no life of her own, she has called me over 250 times 2day alone, this needs 2 stop...

#18 Other

That other number u mentioned, its the same person who used this app tho change the look of ur number and I know its the same person because it left me a voicemail and it sounded the same as the 363 number who keeps calling me

#19 Other

This girl keeps sayin she wants to date me . I have done all reserch possible on it and none has it, nor does the internet , !  Olease hellp

#20 Other

She keep call and texting wont stop she keep saying I love you. Somebody need to help this little girl she need help mental heath at that cause who does this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#21 Prank

I am getting really annoyed by two phone numbers that r the same person calling me over and over again. They have been doing this for the past two or three months and they are saying hey or I like you or call me. I've talked to them and told them we were going to the police but they say no or please. I've blocked their numbers but they  still keep calling me. The numbers are 734 363 4088 and 707 685 8554. If they've  called you please answer this report.

#22 Harassment calls

Called. Left no messae.

#23 Other

she keeps doing the same to me when i was at the movies just now she call 40 time in the past 2 hours

I'm a girl are u

#24 Other

This girl has called me over 700 times within a month who is sheeee

#25 Other

I've done the same thing when I talk to it but it says ''no'' ''no ''no'' ''please'' ''no'' its been calling me for the past two or three months and still calling me to this day

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Id faker i called the police thay are tracking the real number. Thay are ****!!!!!!!

I live in Canada and I get 2-3 messages a week from this number.  No message is ever left.

Nobody there

Last night got a call answered I could hear ppl in background but no one spoke, then they hung up. This morning when I answered a computerized voice said...you are now connected...then silence. I dialed the number right back and it is a non working number.

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